Allan Hazelton 

Councillor Ward 4 

As your Councillor since 2018 I feel I have made a difference, championing resident interests with a focus on Environmental Priorities

I welcome your ongoing Support 

I am focused on  representing the interests of Our Ward & the Township

 Go to Contact Me with any topics you would like to discuss

Here are the roles I hold to champion your interests:

  • Councillor Ward 4 (Honey Harbour)

  • Board Member – Georgian Bay Township Public Library

  • Board Member & Chair – Planning Committee

  • Member – GBA Coastal Protection Advisory Committee

  • Member – GBA Floating Cottage Advisory Group

Some of my Actions as your Councillor

  • Lead resident interests in the Macey Bay area
  • Lead resident interests in South Honey Harbour
  • Initiated and Lead key resident interests on:
    • Environmental Matters
    • Dark Sky Lighting
    • Noise Concerns
    • Water Speed Zones
    • Floating Dwellings
  • Supported Response Time Goals for Staff
  • Initiated an Action Item Tracker for Council Directives to Staff
  • Initiated & Tabled Resolutions (<50) to address
    • Effectiveness & Efficiencies at the Township
    • Transparency at the Township
    • Increasing the Environmental Focus or the Township
  • Supported the proposed William Grenville Davis Education Centre for the Hamlet of Honey Harbour

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