My Background

A Brief Bio

I have been the Councillor for Ward 4 – Honey Harbour since 2018.  Prior to that I retired from a professional sales career of over 35 years selling Customer Service and Customer Experience Solutions to Executives at Fortune 500 companies in North America.

I have over 40 years of volunteer experience with organizations like the Georgian Bay Association (GBA), the Honey Harbour Association, The Go Home Lake Cottagers Association, and the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (OOWA).  This has involved representing cottager and resident interests to local government as well as to Ontario and Federal government ministries.

For the 8 years prior to being your Councillor, I provided Business and Marketing Services to an R&D firm that has invented an incredible new technology (WATERCLEANTM) that converts residential wastewater to near potable water.  This has involved traveling around North America meeting with the US-EPA, the Water Research Foundation (WERF), the California Water Boards, the North Onsite Wastewater Reuse Association (NOWRA), the California Waterboard,  the California Water ReUse Conference,  as well as our Federal Ministry of the Environment and Provincial ministries responsible for the Environment and wastewater systems.  As a result of this work, I have developed deep expertise in water and wastewater technologies and made many great connections that will help us here in our Township.

My Customer Service and Customer Experience expertise has enabled me to bring a caring resident focused approach to my role as Councilor.  My executive sales expertise has enabled me to bring strong skills in communication, problem solving, negotiating, and results orientation.

My Experience includes:

  • 40+ Years of Volunteering and Leading Cottager Associations in Georgian Bay Township
  • 20 years serving on the Board of the Honey Harbour Association, 12 years as President
  • Experience in representing community/constituent interests at the Township and OMB
  • 8 years providing Business and Marketing Services to an R&D firm who has invented an incredible new technology (WATERCLEANTM) that converts residential wastewater to near potable water.

Environmental Focus

  • Spent over 2 decades working with experts on environmental matters, working with experts from the GBA, McMaster University, Flemming College, the District of Muskoka, our Township and serving as a Director on the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association (OOWA).
  • Have significant knowledge and expertise gained in Water Quality, Environmental, and Township matters

Water Quality

  • Worked on and led Water Quality Initiatives in our Township for over 20 years, including working sessions with the District of Muskoka, Severn Sound, FOCA, and the Georgian Bay Association (GBA).

Details of my Experience:

  • Volunteer Community Service
  • Committee of Adjustment
  • Planning & Related Experience

Honey Harbour: 1993 ‐ Present

  • Held various roles on the Board of the Honey Harbour Association for 21 years including holding the role of President for 12 years
  • Active in projects at the Schoolhouse at Pleasant Point, repairing docks using my scuba expertise, transporting trophy cases, hanging a re-built cedar strip canoe, creating the plans for new docks to replace old failing docks, providing guidance on ongoing operations
  • Was a significant contributor in the late 1990s in the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the Honey Harbour Area. This involved working with many experts including: Samantha Hastings, of the District of Muskoka and with David Parks, the Township Planner
  • Have led many discussions with the Township of Georgian Bay related to the Neighbourhood Plan for Honey Harbour. Have reviewed virtually all applications over a 12 year period from 2000 forward for severance and variance in the Honey Harbour area. This has involved providing input on the preferences of the members of the Honey Harbour Association as well as in providing clarity on the Neighbourhood Plan for Applications for Minor Variances
  • Have been called as a witness at the OMB to provide comment from the Honey Harbour Association on planning related matters
    • A re‐zoning application on a property that backed onto the Lily Pond
    • A severance application of a small island in north Honey Harbour
  • Have led planning, severance and environmental discussions over 14 years relating to the Schoolhouse (HHA Community Centre – North Bay HH)
  • Participated in frequent discussions with the leaders of neighbouring communities on planning matters related to the eastern shores of Georgian Bay
  • Represented the Honey Harbour Association: Attended and provided comment at the planning meetings held by the Township of Georgian Bay on the Master Plan for the Hamlet of Honey Harbour
  • Represented the Honey Harbour Association: Attended and provided comment at the planning meetings held by the Township of Georgian Bay on the Strategic Plan for the Township of Georgian Bay
  • Chaired community input meetings related to the Oak Bay development
  • Was active in working with the District, their environmental experts, SSEA, and Bluewater Sciences to understand the water quality issues in Eastern Georgian Bay and to coordinate action on these
  • Managed the Dock Talk program in 2005. This program involved meeting with and educating residents in the Honey Harbour area and Twelve Mile Bay area on the topics of planning their properties to be environmentally friendly, understanding how to reduce nutrient loading, and how to properly manage their septic systems. This program was organized by FOCA and funded by the Trillium Foundation. Training was provided by various experts in septic solutions, property management and shoreline management
  • Led a project to create a digital map of the Honey Harbour area displaying 911 property numbers. This required working with the District of Muskoka to get access to the digital base maps of the Honey Harbour Area
  • Planning, environmental & municipal experts that I have worked with in the past include: Dr. Norman Pearson (Professor, University of Western Ontario & Planer in Hamilton and Burlington), Samantha Hastings (Planner, District of Muskoka), John Keyser (municipal lawyer, & Chair of the Committee of Adjustment in the City of Mississauga), David Parks (former planner, Township of Georgian Bay), Michael Michalski (environmental consultant), Judi Brouse (former Director of Watershed Programs at Muskoka Watershed Council, Neil Hutchinson (Hutchinson Environmental Sciences Ltd.), Keith Shiefer (President, Bluewater Sciences & author of the Water Quality Reports for the Township of Georgian Bay), Keith Sherman (Severn Sound Environmental Association), Dr. Pat Chow Fraser (McMaster University)

Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association  (OOWA)

  • Member of OOWA 2010 – 2017. This has enabled me to gain very significant knowledge and expertise in on‐site septic systems, water reuse and municipal treatment systems
  • Past Active member of the Government Liaison Committee, and the Technical Advisory Committee of OOWA

Go Home Lake:   1961 – 1993

  • Held various roles over 20 years on the Board of the Go Home Lake Association including President
  • Was active in gathering community input on the Hydro Development plans by Orillia Water Light and Power in the late ‘70s.
  • Was responsible for: the process of building consensus among property owners; the application process; and gaining approvals for the implementation of Speed Limits on Go Home Lake. This required working closely with the Township of Georgian Bay
  • Managed the installation of Speed Limit signs on Go Home Lake
  • Was responsible for the application process, gaining approval and managing of the building of the Recreation Centre at the Regatta Beach on Go Home Lake. This required working closely with the Planning and Building Departments of Township of Georgian Bay
  • Organized and led the re‐building of the top of the Dam, the ramp/roadway, and the bay side dock at the Chute leading from Go Home Lake into Go Home River. This required working closely with the Ministry of Natural Resources
  • Organized and ran the Annual Regatta on Go Home Lake from 1973 to 1991 (this was held on Township property, Regatta Beach, in the north end of Go Home Lake
  • Managed the communications role of the Go Home Lake Cottagers Association, including creating, publishing and distributing frequent Newsletters to the cottagers on Go Home Lake
  • Organized and formally surveyed the residents of Go Home Lake on attitudes towards planning, development, water quality, roads, etc.
  • Represented Go Home Lake at the Township of Georgian Bay on a proposed (now built) road at the south end of Go Home Lake

Professional Experience

  • Professional Sales Career for over 35 years selling business solutions to companies in North America and Worldwide
  • Have extensive expertise in Customer Service and Contact Centre operations and the solutions and strategies that make them most effective
  • Have been responsible for deploying Customer Service and Customer Experience Solutions in Fortune 1000 companies in North America
  • Current status – Retired
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