The Leadership Vacuum

The Leadership Vacuum and Resulting Losses in the Township of Georgian Bay

  1. Usually leaders utilize a team building approach with emphasis on obtaining consensus – NOT SO in the Township of Georgian Bay.
  2. Usually leaders have a vision that encompasses all stakeholders in a community – NOT SO in the Township of Georgian Bay.
  3. In the Township of Georgian Bay, the divide and control system, the us and them approach, together with bullying tactics, are utilized.
  4. Important issues are decided in secret meetings by unseen hands, without either transparency or accountability.
  5. The rules (Official Plan, By-Laws, and Ontario Building Code) are not evenly applied, sometimes not followed at all, and everybody suffers.
  6. Council characterized by block voting, without consideration, becomes the norm.
  7. Good ideas are dismissed without consideration.
  8. Good opportunities are lost without benefit.
  9. Qualified contributors are turned away.
  10. Staff are subjected to unacceptable pressures, resulting in costly stress leave.
  11. Resulting disputes need to be settled by the Integrity Commissioner, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal(formerly the OMB), and the Provincial Courts.
  12. Our community is not well served by a Leadership Vacuum . . . we need a Change.
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