I welcome your interest in Volunteering and Helping with my Campaign.  My hope for this Election year is to gather very broad support from all areas of our Ward 4.  As you know, Ward 4 spans from the south end of Cognashene, Minnicog Is., Starr’s Is. & Tomahawk Is. areas south to the Macey Bay and Bass Bay Rd. area.  The interests of the several communities in these areas are diverse and I look forward to hearing from all areas.

Here are some ways to help

  1. Forward any Email notes that you receive from me to your neighbours.  (a “cc” to would be appreciated.
  2. Share my Web Site info with your neighbours
  3. Host a social where I can meet with your neighbours and address questions they may have.
  4. Let me know the topics of interest in your area and what you would like the Township to do.


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